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02/05/10 Sheriff’s deputies are asking people to be wary of a salesman offering a free freezer for buying a certain amount of frozen meat.

A Umatilla man told a sheriff’s deputy Wednesday that around 5 p.m. Saturday, a man came to his home selling frozen meat. The homeowner purchased $613 worth of meat and the salesman told him a free freezer would be delivered the next day.

The man put the meat he bought into a freezer he already had.

The man did not hear from the salesman the following day and called the company, identified as Direct USA, but never reached anyone.

On Tuesday, the salesman called and told the man he would come by Wednesday to drop off the free freezer.

At approximately 10 a.m. Wednesday, the salesman arrived and told the man that in order to get the free freezer, he had to purchase another $500 worth of meat.

The man declined.

The man said while they were talking, the salesman borrowed his dolly to unload the free freezer anyway. The salesman then filled it with roughly $300 worth of the meat the man had purchased on Saturday.

The salesman then put the free freezer and meat back into his truck and left; he also took the man’s dolly. (Umatilla, FL)

01/30/10 A Safeway employee in Louisville was arrested on Jan. 31 on charges of indecent exposure.

According to a Louisville Police Department report, the incident occurred on Jan. 30 in the deli department of the Safeway at 707 S. Broadway Rd.

A woman reported that she was talking to a store employee standing behind a glass cooler case used for displaying meat and other foods, when she said she noticed that the employee had his penis outside of his pants and was masturbating as he spoke with her.

When the employee noticed the woman’s “shocked face,” he allegedly stopped, the report says, but when the woman turned away and then looked back, he had resumed masturbating. The police report states that the woman reported the incident to store managers and to the Louisville Police Department.(Louisville, CO)

01/30/10 6:15 p.m. — A woman from the 15000 block of Dream Sky Way reported someone came into her residence through the unlocked garage door and wrote “Turkey” with their finger on the inside of a window. (Nevada City, CA)

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